Webinar 3

Mental Health Toolkit for Gender Dysphoria

Understand gender dysphoria and euphoria and learn new coping strategies
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Course contents

What will we learn?

  • Understanding gender dysphoria
  • Coping strategies
  • Identifying gender euphoria
  • Mental health resources
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Gender Dysphoria

Understand and identify what gender dysphoria feels like. Contrast this with examples of gender euphoria. 

Learn to cope

Coping with dysphoria and other mental health symptoms requires time, patience, and self-compassion. Learn what's happening in your brain when you're triggered. Gain practical strategies to regulate your nervous system. Unpack your internal beliefs to change your emotions. 


This webinar series is made possible by the James Stewart Rainbow Grant provided by Community One Foundation. A special thank you to our community members who contributed their wisdom and lived experiences: Terrence, Tynan, and Marla. Thank you to the Gender Affirming Clinic team at CMHA for your leadership and contributions. A huge thank you to MD Bloch-Hansen for your contributions to developing content, gathering resources, your expertise on mindfulness interventions, and all of your technical skills!

The content for this webinar series was developed and curated by Nolan Blodgett, MSW, RSW.